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Publication date December 7, 2021

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Ephesus 96 AD/CE


     Christians under the rule of Emperor Domitian walk a lethal tight-rope between evangelism and martyrdom.  Sabina, a young Christian widow, knows this better than most, her Roman magistrate father is sworn to uphold the decrees of Rome and arrest any Christian who refuses to worship the Emperor.

     Her separate worlds collide when a young scribe is murdered at a house church, and her pastor confesses to the crime. With his execution imminent, Sabina sets out to prove his innocence, but to do so she must defy the laws banning her faith, and step beyond the privileged and sheltered world she has grown-up in.

     When a pagan idol is found hidden in the dead man’s robe, she soon discovers the life of this faithful scribe is anything but simple. Dogged by the scribe’s brother demanding justice for the death, they begrudgingly agree to join forces. They uncover fragments of a burnt scroll leading to the underworld of a mysterious Gnostic sect. The closer she gets to solving the murder, the more she endangers her family, the security of her Christian community, and her life. Can this collision between faith and Roman law bring anything but disaster?  

Deadly  Entertainment

Just look at the gladiators, either debased men or foreigners, and consider the blows they endure! Consider how they who have been well-disciplined prefer to accept a blow than cowardly avoid it! How often it is made clear that they consider nothing other than the satisfaction of their master or entertaining the people! Even when they are covered with wounds they send a messenger to their master to inquire his will. If they have given satisfaction to their masters, they are pleased to die.  

Cicero 106 BC - 46 BC,

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     Liisa Eyerly is the author of the historical mystery novel Obedient unto Death, the first book in an upcoming series featuring an intrepid sleuth, Sabina, who discovers her God-given talent for solving murders. Liisa's stories unite her love of solving mysteries with a thirst for studying the Bible, philosophy, history, and ancient cultures.

     Delve into the exotic world of ancient Rome with characters not unlike ourselves. Experience the struggles of first century Christians and of course join in outwitting the devious murderers  inhabiting the twists and turns of her classic murder mysteries.


      Her meticulous research delivers authentic details of first century culture and life, often discovered after tumbling down endless rabbit holes of investigation and resurfacing days later clutching long buried treasures to  share with her readers.

 Christian Martyrdom

When the people heard this they were enraged, and cried out, "Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!" So the city was filled with the confusion; and they rushed together into the theater, dragging with them Gaius and Aristarchus, Macedonians who were Paul's companions in travel. 

The Acts of the Apostles  19: 28-30


Polycarp disciple of the apostle John and ordained by him ....

In the fourth persecution after Nero, in the presence of the proconsul holding court at Smyrna and all the people crying out against him in the Amphitheater, Polycarp was burned. 

The Martyrdom of Polycarp 

  Artemis Ephesia      Theatre at Taormina    Temple to Athena       Household gods