In case you haven't already guessed the inspiration for my books comes in part from the lives revealed in these ancient (or not so ancient, only 2000 years ago) reminders that people lived, loved and died then just as we do today. Jesus said the poor will be with us always and apparently so will the rich as both are recorded in statues, building reliefs, steles (gravestones), graffiti, journals, plays, architecture, religion, holidays, myths and oh so much more.  Archeological excavations around the globe are shedding light on the lives of our ancestors, and hopefully, these books will also.

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Publication date December 7, 2021

Available from, CrossRiver Media

Christians under the rule of Emperor Domitian walk a lethal tight-rope between evangelism and martyrdom.  Sabina, a young Christian widow, knows this better than most, her Roman magistrate father is sworn to uphold the decrees of Rome and arrest any Christian who refuses to worship the Emperor.

     Her separate worlds collide when a young scribe is murdered at a house church, and her pastor confesses to the crime. With his execution imminent, Sabina sets out to prove his innocence, but to do so she must defy the laws banning her faith, and step beyond the privileged and sheltered world she has grown-up in.

     When a pagan idol is found hidden in the dead man’s robe, she soon discovers the life of this faithful scribe is anything but simple. Dogged by the scribe’s brother demanding justice for the death, they begrudgingly agree to join forces. They uncover fragments of a burnt scroll leading to the underworld of a mysterious Gnostic sect. The closer she gets to solving the murder, the more she endangers her family, the security of her Christian community, and her life. Can this collision between faith and Roman law bring anything but disaster?  

Coming 2022: Fortunes of Death!

A fortune teller’s reading comes true when her wealthy client is crushed to death during the construction of a magnificent new library, his gift to the city of Ephesus guaranteeing his venerated and immortal legacy. When the authorities discover the gruesome wall collapse was no accident, Sabina’s fears are confirmed. Suspicions of murder fall on the library’s architect, her rival sleuth, Yechiel.

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Murder and Mayhem Continue in Ephesus... 

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